the_galleria (the_galleria) wrote in mtv_on_air,

YO MOMMA..........

i'm here to let you guys know that YO MOMMA is back for a second season, and this time it's in NY. along with that, they're also gonna start having some guest stars. i dont know the whole list but i know for sure it's gonna be at least fat joe, jadakiss, e-40 and chamillionaire. the first show is tomorrow, mon the 23rd and it's on m-f at 6pm. so whether you wanna watch people talk sh*t on each other for money, or watch some pretty cool rappers, or if you secretly have a crush on that kid from the 70s show, then check it out.

i found a couple cool video clips you might wanna check out. the first is a trailer for the show. not sure if it's showing on tv, but i found it online. the ones below are some funny shorts that wilmer v and his "yo momma" crew put together. just click 'em to play.

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